November 11, 2010


I am an artist and a business woman. The Naturally Beautiful Hair Blog and Website was born out of the desire to encourage people to embrace who they are naturally. As a young girl, I grew up thinking that there was only one kind of beauty. Despite my positive influence at home, my environment outside of my home and what was portrayed in the media showed me something different all together. I was always taught to love myself for who I am. But somehow the message got lost. I became a ‘slave’ to the weaves, perms and the perception of being something I wasn’t, in order to be "beautiful". As an adult, I decided to be true to who I am. With the support from a large community of people in my life and online, I made a positive change. I decide to say no to perms, and embrace my natural hair. When this happened, I felt this amazing pride and love for who I was. Because of this, I wanted to reach out to other women and men that may be having the same thoughts or feelings about how and if they should make that change. The Naturally Beautiful Hair blog and website is also a place for the natural hair community to learn from one another, share joy and to express ourselves.

About Naturally Beautiful Hair

Naturally Beautiful Hair is a journal, of the beauty, of Natural hair. It is also for the creative world (artist, designers, poets, performers, and more); and a place to share knowledge, history and inspirational stories. Continuously updated, readers can find a common bond in stories that relate to subjects that interest us. It is also a place to give light to new artist, upcoming stylist, and other natural hair resources. N.B.H. welcomes contributions from all readers. Share your experience, art, designs, and questions by emailing me at